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Hi, I'm John Fealy

I am a professional shed builder.

I have been building sheds for over 17 years and have built over 3000 sheds using my unique design and business model. 

A lifelong entrepreneur and expert in starting and growing successful businesses.

I have been featured in many shed industry publications and have become an expert in my field.

"Often when you think you're at the end of something,

you're at the beginning of something else."

-Mr. Rogers

So Tell Me...

Are you someone who is:

  • Looking for a new direction that is flexible and you have control over?
  • Are you looking for a low cost business opportunity that you can start part time?
  • Enjoys working with your hands and gets rewarded from building things?
  • Looking to earn more money in less time all by providing an in demand easily sold product?

If so... you've come to the right place!

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The Start of Something Big! 

My story may not be all that different than yours. 17 years ago I found myself in a dark place. The business that I owned for over 25 years was not doing very well, actually it was a "Sinking Ship" as they say.

At the same time, my two children where about to enter college. I was a man on the brink of financial disaster and very much overwhelmed with my life.

I racked my brain to find a new lucrative business opportinity that I could start to solve the instability in my life. That life changing idea was the Shed Building Business.

If my story sounds familiar to you, I can help you big time? Unlike me, that took years to perfect my shed building business model, I can show you how to instantly duplicate my proven system for yourself in the next 30 days.

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The Shed Academy Teaches People How to Start a Shed-Building Business.
John Fealy already had a successful business building sheds. He did so well he realized his system might be super valuable for other would-be shed builders… so he decided to create the Shed Academy. In March of 2020, he opened his program and now he’s got TWO successful businesses… and his students are thriving in their own businesses, too!


How I can help you?

  • I can be a source of insperation and knowledge launching your new carreer building sheds
  • Offer you a proven business model that has worked for myself and 100's of people just like you
  • Give you access to a community of over 400 other builders all doing the same thing
  • Give you confidence through training that will enable you to earn money like never before
  • Have your back when you need it, on the jobsite if you get stuck or have questions
  • Provide ongoing support as you grow your business
  • Provide much needed mentorship to help you succeed in your new business
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John Fealy

Featured in Shed Builder Magazine 

November 2017 Issue

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